Attend the Business-to-Business

Event of the Year


Don't Miss Out on the Event of the Year

Join us on (TBD) for New Mexico’s largest B2B networking and expo event at Isleta Resort,
11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 (Venue May Change Each Event).

The Annual B2B Expo will feature:

  • PROTalks educational presentations led by top New Mexico business professionals
  • Exhibition hall with a large variety of vendors
  • Contests, prizes, and awards
  • Lots of opportunities for building strategic alliance partners and networking

Why Attend?

B2B networking is an important part of doing business in Albuquerque. Sometimes in order to succeed, it’s all about WHO you need to know, more than WHAT you know.

A Platform for Real Conversations and Real Growth

Our attendees are high-level decision makers interested in having REAL conversations. They are interested in connecting, collaborating, and communicating to build strategic alliance business partnerships through exposure at this event.

In a four-hour event like this, there’s plenty of time for these types of conversations to happen. This event offers a pleasant, positive environment that’s conducive to networking.

Truth is, the B2B networking that you do at our expo can lead to real opportunities in your pipeline.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to build synergy for business growth while getting to know other local business owners and C-suite executives in our community.

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