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Please consider showing your support for Albuquerque and New Mexico-based businesses by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship Package Options

Your solution or service was built to help customers achieve their goals, and here at EXHIB-IT!, we want to do the same for you. We want to give you the opportunity to select the sponsorship level that gives you the best visibility and helps you to achieve your goals. We work with you to ensure that the B2B Expo is the right investment for your marketing dollars.

Please select from one of our four sponsorship packages:

Why Sponsor?

Increase Brand Visibility.2019 Sponsor Survey Infographic Thumbnail

Whichever sponsorship package you choose, we work hard to ensure that you receive optimal value for your investment dollars.

That means strategically located, high-visibility exhibit booths as well as prominent branding on all event marketing collateral, including flyers, postcards, print signage, email newsletters, and, of course, the B2B Expo website.

Connect with Your Target Audience.

We don’t promise to host the biggest show in the industry. Big shows aim for high numbers and only care about getting people in the seats. We focus instead on getting the right people in the seats — including business owners, decision-makers, and C-suite executives from around the State of New Mexico.

In fact, whatever your target market demographic, the B2B Expo is almost certain to attract them.

Show Support for Local Businesses.

Truth is, without your sponsorship dollars, this important event simply could NOT happen! By agreeing to serve as a sponsor for the B2B Expo, you’ll be helping local businesses — and our local economy — to succeed and thrive.

By sponsoring, you’re giving New Mexico business owners a platform in which to network and explore successful future partnerships in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

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