Educational Roundtables


Each of the B2B Educational Roundtables listed below will be offered twice — once during the 2PM session and again during the 3PM session — to allow multiple opportunities for participants to attend. Each Roundtable is limited to 10 participants per session, so attendees must reserve a spot at their chosen Roundtables in advance.

Be sure to choose the All Access Pass registration form to select your preferred Roundtables when you purchase your admission ticket.

Educational Roundtables

Mark HermanTOPIC: Teach Them to Fish: How Culture Trumps Control

  • Choosing Clarity over Perfection
  • Building from the Inside
  • Repetition and Recognition
  • Who You Are Speaks So Loudly I Cannot Hear What You Say
  • Letting Go with Accountability

This educational roundtable will be led by Mark Herman, CEO of Dion’s.

Andy LimTOPIC: How Technology Can Change the Way You Do Business

This educational roundtable will be led by Andy Lim, Owner of Addmi Inc.

Sandra BustamanteTOPIC: Taking Your Business Mobile and What You NEED to Know

  • Available Technology Tools
  • How to Protect Your Data
  • Best Practices that Prevent Loss

This educational roundtable will be led by Sandra M. Bustamante, Payment Solutions Market Manager at U.S. Bank.

Diane VillegasTOPIC: The 6 Key Components Needed to Put Together a Successful (and Profitable) Marketing Plan

  • Defining Goals
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and How to Measure
  • Mixing of Tactics
  • Timing
  • Internal Marketing Elements
  • Retention

Attendees will learn how all the elements above relate and support each other and how they can customize a plan for any size budget.

This educational roundtable will be led by Diane Villegas, Owner of Big Picture Marketing Strategies.

Ryan CangiolosiTOPIC: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships with Community Stakeholders

  • Where to Begin with Networking, and How to Be Successful
  • Taking Networking to the Next Step: Relationship Building
  • Expanding your Contacts beyond the Rolodex
  • Understanding How to Create Long-term Friendships through Networking
  • Leveraging your Contacts for Mutually Beneficial Success in your Community

This educational roundtable will be led by Ryan Cangiolosi, Director of Economic and Community Development for the UNM Health Sciences Center.

Annemarie HentonTOPIC: A Seat at the Table: Why Engaging Millennials in Leadership Roles Is a Strategic Advantage

  • Learn what makes millennials different than other generations in the workplace, and why those traits are valuable to your organization.
  • Hear best practices for how to engage millennials and leverage their contributions, including ideas for creating a culture of mentorship.
  • Understand why giving millennials a true seat at the table is a strategic, long-term advantage for everyone involved.

This educational roundtable will be led by Annemarie Henton, Director of Communications and Marketing for AED.

Dale DekkerTOPIC: What’s Next on the Horizon to Position Your Company

  • Tips on How to See What’s on the Horizon
  • Develop Plans and Strategies
  • Position You and Your Company for the Future

This educational roundtable will be led by Dale R. Dekker, Founder of Dekker/Perich/Sabatini.

Chris MooreTOPIC: Business-to-Business Is People-to-People

  • Aligning Communications Objectives with Business Objectives
  • Understanding What You Can Accomplish through Communications
  • What You Need to Know about your Audience
  • Connecting Your Offering to Business and Personal Needs
  • Reaching Your Audience in the Right Place, at the Right Time

This educational roundtable will be led by Chris Moore, Strategic Director/Partner at 3 Advertising.

Chris SchroederTOPIC: How to Keep Our Young People from Leaving Albuquerque

This educational roundtable will be led by Chris Schroeder, Chief Operating Officer for Real Time Solutions.

Ernie C'deBacaTOPIC: Increase YOUR Business Locally with the City and Laboratories

  • Increase Business with State and Local Agencies
  • Legislative Initiatives to Increase Minority Owned Businesses
  • Programs Available to Minority Owned Businesses
  • International Trade Resources

This educational roundtable will be led by Ernie C’deBaca, CEO for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce.

Kristelle SiarzaTOPIC: Tilt and Shift: Evolving Digital Marketing and Strategy

  • Understanding the Benefits in Adapting Your Digital Strategy
  • Accommodating Marketing Budgets to Keep Up with Changing Marketing Tech
  • How to Create an “Innovative” Environment that Leads to Efficiency
  • Finding the Right Talent to Carry Out Your Digital Marketing and/or Strategy

This educational roundtable will be led by Kristelle Siarza CEO of Siarza Social Digital.

Mark GonzalesTOPIC: How to Shape Success

  • The Importance of Schematics
  • How the Consumer Responds to Education
  • Each Guest Is an Event, Every Day Is an Event
  • The Aveda Experience Wheel

This educational roundtable will be led by Mark “Pardo” Gonzales, Owner of Mark Pardo SalonSpa.



EXHIB-IT!'s annual B2B event is a great opportunity to showcase your business to the Albuquerque networking community as well as introduce yourself to other local businesses and strengthen business relationships you've already started. HUNDREDS attend each year. It truly is a "don't miss" event.

Steve Reimann, Sales ManagerKNKT 107.1 FM

The B2B Expo NM is by far the largest collective of local talented entrepreneurs under one roof, and a great event for critical business-to-business networking. I loved it!

Shawna Baker, Solopreneur and Commercial PhotographerShawna Baker Photography

The relationships I have developed through the strategic networking at DJ's B2B Event has been an asset for our business. There has always been fantastic energy and collaboration at every event. People, this is one event you do not want to miss!!!

John Reimann, Account ManagerFastPark & Relax

The business to business aspect of the event is fantastic! It really gives us a chance to
showcase our food and service while in a relaxed, inviting environment. We have made many connections and gained new catering clients and restaurant customers every year.

Miia Hebert, Catering and Marketing DirectorGarcia's Kitchen

The ability to interact with other businesses and the support of local charities makes this a very worthwhile event. We very much look forward to being a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming 10th Annual B2B Expo.

Gregg Russell, Business Link RepresentativeMelloy Dodge

EXHIB-IT's Annual B2B event is probably one of my favorite and absolute MUST-ATTEND events I look forward to each year. The connections I have made at this event are truly priceless, and have catapulted my business forward.

Maralyn Beck, Chief Digital StrategistBRAVE Social

Exhib-it’s B2B Expo is THE networking event of the year. This is our fourth year as an exhibitor and sponsor because it’s the one event in which we participate that always results in expanding our brand AND our client base. Each year’s event improves over the last!

Toby Younis and Shelley CarneyVideotero, LLC