Expo Floor Plan

The exhibition hall at the Isleta Resort & Casino is an amazing space, offering lots of room for you as an exhibitor to showcase your brand. And with three beverage bars and eight food vendor tables, exhibitors can count on plenty of foot traffic.

Floor Plan

B2B Expo 2017 Floor Plan

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Booth Sizes

For this year’s event, we’re offering three booth space options. All exhibit spaces include a skirted table, two chairs, electrical, and pipe & drape.

8′ x 10′ Premium Booth (Entrance Hall)

8’x10′ Premium Booths are shown as booths 1-8 and 10-15 on the Floor Plan above.

  • Benefits: Located just inside the Main Entrance Hall, these booths are the first to be seen and visited by expo attendees.
  • Cost: $450 plus NMGRT

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8′ x 10′ Perimeter Booth (Ballroom)

8’x10′ Standard Booths are shown as booths 17-23, 64, 79, 87, 105, and 106-112 on the Floor Plan above.

  • Benefits: Located in the Main Ballroom, these booths are positioned along the outer perimeter walls, close to food vendors, bars, and the main stage.
  • Cost: $400 plus NMGRT

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6′ x 8′ Standard Booth (Ballroom)

6’x8′ Booths are shown as booths 24-50, 52-63, 65-84, 88-93, and 95-104 on the Floor Plan above.

  • Benefits: Located inside the Main Ballroom, these booths make up the center aisles, conveniently positioned near food vendor tables at the ends of most aisles.
  • Cost: $300 plus NMGRT

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EXHIB-IT!'s annual B2B event is a great opportunity to showcase your business to the Albuquerque networking community as well as introduce yourself to other local businesses and strengthen business relationships you've already started. HUNDREDS attend each year. It truly is a "don't miss" event.

Steve Reimann, Sales ManagerKNKT 107.1 FM

The B2B Expo NM is by far the largest collective of local talented entrepreneurs under one roof, and a great event for critical business-to-business networking. I loved it!

Shawna Baker, Solopreneur and Commercial PhotographerShawna Baker Photography

The relationships I have developed through the strategic networking at DJ's B2B Event has been an asset for our business. There has always been fantastic energy and collaboration at every event. People, this is one event you do not want to miss!!!

John Reimann, Account ManagerFastPark & Relax

The business to business aspect of the event is fantastic! It really gives us a chance to
showcase our food and service while in a relaxed, inviting environment. We have made many connections and gained new catering clients and restaurant customers every year.

Miia Hebert, Catering and Marketing DirectorGarcia's Kitchen

The ability to interact with other businesses and the support of local charities makes this a very worthwhile event. We very much look forward to being a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming 10th Annual B2B Expo.

Gregg Russell, Business Link RepresentativeMelloy Dodge

EXHIB-IT's Annual B2B event is probably one of my favorite and absolute MUST-ATTEND events I look forward to each year. The connections I have made at this event are truly priceless, and have catapulted my business forward.

Maralyn Beck, Chief Digital StrategistBRAVE Social

Exhib-it’s B2B Expo is THE networking event of the year. This is our fourth year as an exhibitor and sponsor because it’s the one event in which we participate that always results in expanding our brand AND our client base. Each year’s event improves over the last!

Toby Younis and Shelley CarneyVideotero, LLC