Best Local Brand Finalist Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts

Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts


Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts is successful in that our brand speaks to contemporary performing arts community and our core values of inclusion, authenticity, personal growth, excellence, opportunity and fluidity. When Shira Greenberg established Keshet in 1996 she chose a Hebrew word that means “arc-like rainbow” – she wanted Keshet to represent beautiful creative people (like colors) coming together to create another beautiful thing (like a rainbow).

The uniqueness of Keshet’s name sets it apart locally, the combination of our breadth of programming and the commitment to social mission is truly unique. In recent years we stylized the K to be a solid but implying movement form that could be interpreted as a dancer/ mover/ established community presence. This stability and movement combination is a foundation across all communications.

Keshet uses a variety of marketing techniques to reach our target markets including word-of-mouth, email marketing, social media, our website, print ads, direct mail, playbills and radio.

Keshet’s brand also extends beyond local recognition. For example, Keshet has launched the first Pre-professional dance training track of its kind in the nation, for dancers with physical disabilities. Dancers and Dance Companies in the Adaptive/ Physically Integrated communities recognize Keshet for this pioneering work.

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